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Why Do I Need Renter’s Insurance?

Posted by Toby Ferrel on January 22, 2019
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Renter’s insurance (also sometimes referred to as home and content insurance) is often neglected or considered unnecessary.  Think again!


You may have thought that your landlord has insurance on the house or condo you are you’re living in – so why should you get insurance?  The answer is simple – your landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover any of your property.  It only covers the landlord’s property! So – you are on your own.


While the physical structure is an owner’s responsibility, all of your property is your responsibility.  If someone breaks in and steals all your belongings – and you don’t have renter’s insurance – you are not covered!  If there is a fire or flood that damages your belongings – and you don’t have renter’s property insurance – you are not covered.


Renters insurance is relatively inexpensive.  Check with your insurance provider today.  If you don’t have an insurance provider, we welcome you to check with Mike Ryba at Proactive Insurance (239) 514-1141 or Belinda Malolli at Allstate (239) 593-4433.  Often bundling with car or other insurances can make it even more affordable.


Finally, renter’s insurance can sometimes fill other gaps in your protection system.  For example, while your auto insurance may cover the cost of a dented fender or broken window; it often does not cover the cost of the stolen computer or phone left in the passenger seat.  The right renter’s insurance policy could fill that gap.


So, as the new year begins, make sure your possessions and lifestyle are protected in 2019 by getting the renter’s insurance you need.  If you need recommendations from some of our insurance connections at Golden Realty, please feel free to contact us at (239) 455-1003 or via email at The small investment you make could end up saving you a lot in the future.

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