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Tips for choosing a Real Estate Agent

Posted by Toby Ferrel on December 23, 2019
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Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Ask the right questions, make educated decisions and find your perfect agent. Here are some tips to choosing your Real Estate Agent.

  •  Find a real estate agent who is honest about YOUR risks of buying or selling in today’s market.

 A reliable agent should always weigh the pros and cons of an investment and consider whether the property meets your criteria. A good agent will work with you to overcome obstacles and address your concerns. An agent that has your best interest in mind is one that answers every question and visits every option before making a final decision.

  • Ask others if they would recommend an agent.

If you have pinpointed the area(s) you may want to search in, ask others if they know of a reliable agent in the area. An agent that knows the area thoroughly can give you a better idea of what is available, in demand, and whether the property would be a good investment. Asking mutual friends for recommendations in the area, or researching online for reviews, are great ways to find your match and ask the important questions right off the bat.

  • Does the agent use numbers and data? Are they clear and accurate?

When interviewing agents, pay attention to those using real data in their answers when it comes to investment analysis, neighborhood-level market performance, and long-term impact of your decision to buy or sell. At the same time, an agent with good communication skills will not overwhelm you with statistics, but will present them in a way that makes the information easy to understand.

  • Are you comfortable talking to and communicating with an agent?

You will spend a lot of time communicating with your agent, in various forms. First ask yourself if you feel comfortable with the way both parties communicate, and how often. If you find yourself constantly trying to reach your agent, or feel like they leave you with unanswered questions, it might be time to reconsider.

Using these four tips can help avoid some of the negative experiences some have had with their real estate agents.  Making the right choice can definitely make the difference.


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