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Posted by Chris Wohlbrandt on February 14, 2017
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And WHY you should care….


Oh, the stories we all hear about how terrible tenants can be – and some of them probably are.  At Golden Realty though, we’re lucky to be able to work with a lot of tenants who are not only really great people – they’re really great tenants too!  Since February is the “month of love” we would like to share with you the Top 3 Ways to Make Your Tenants Love You!


  1. Tenants are People Too! First and foremost, keep in mind that tenants are people too.  They have every day problems in life just like everyone else.  We don’t all have all of the same problems of course, but problems aren’t unique to any one person or family.  And, it’s a bit pointless to try to compare one person’s problems with another’s – each person is wrapped up in their own world including their own problems, and they all seem important.  If you had a chance to really get to know your tenants, you’d find that they are  people just trying to make it through each day in the best way they can.  Most tenants are good, responsible, hard-working people who do their best to live up to their obligations.  While a landlord-tenant relationship is a business relationship and should be kept on a reasonably professional level, it doesn’t hurt to make sure tenants feel comfortable in their new “home” and know that they can communicate freely with you or your property manager.  Good, open communication lines can be a life line when/if problems come up in a landlord-tenant relationship.


  1. Respond Promptly! A tenant is in your rental property on a daily basis.  They are in a unique position to see when things go wrong – even little tiny things that, added all together, turn into major repairs, maintenance and/or renovation.   When a tenant calls to report an issue, be sure to respond to the tenant as soon as possible – or make sure you have a professional property manager who has someone assigned to do so on your behalf.  Taking care of small, even seemingly insignificant, repair and maintenance items on a continuing, on-going basis is a good way to spread those expenses over time rather than being in a situation where they all up to a major out-of-pocket hit.  A tenant who is rewarded with a prompt, courteous response and appropriate action when reporting an issue is much more likely to continue to “help” you maintain your property.  Alternatively, a tenant who does not receive any response, or who is treated poorly when he or she contacts the landlord, may get the impression that the landlord doesn’t care about the property – so why should the tenant.


  1. Be Cool! Hopefully, you’ll be one of those charmed landlords who never has a disagreement with a tenant because all of your tenants will be fabulous and wonderful.  But, if you ever do have a disagreement with a tenant, big or small, keep your cool.   Never yell, scream or swear at a tenant.  Even engaging in a heated or emotional discussion with a tenant can create or exacerbate problems.  Don’t be tempted to engage in “self-help” which is illegal in most states (i.e., change door locks to bar tenants from entering the premises or removing tenant’s property from the premises before you have an official court order).  Keep in mind that there are cell phones with cameras and recorders and video cameras everywhere these days and it won’t look good for you to be the next “crazy” landlord sensation making the rounds on the internet.  To avoid most of these issues, hire a reputable, professional property manager.
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